It is known, and often quoted, that India will emerge as one of the top three global economies by 2050. While growth in certain sectors might be dependent on global demand scenarios, India’s growth fundamentals remain strong, with key segments like manufacturing, infrastructure, agriculture, healthcare and communications, presenting enormous opportunities for innovation and growth, While any such prediction comes with its own perils, and there is still a long way to go before we start realizing our true potential as a nation, it is a fact that we are looking towards decades of sustained high growth.

These growth opportunities will be leveraged differently by different types of companies. While established and mature organizations will focus on consolidating their positions in India and growing globally, smaller entrepreneurial firms will focus on breaking into the big league. Fundamentally, no matter what kind of company we refer to, we believe we are looking towards a decade of frenetic dynamism and growth.

Growth naturally comes with growth pains. Opportunities may be abundant, but resources – men, money & material – are not. This implies that decision making at the board and CXO levels will become all the more complex, whether for established, mature companies or for young, high-growth ones. While players entrenched in select industry segments would need to figure out the right value chain play for themselves, larger players would need to make the right decisions to further diversify – across geographies and industry segments.

Based on our experience, we know that success will depend on identifying the right set of opportunities, short-listing the right investments (equally important, letting go of the wrong ones,) accessing the most efficient capital, attracting the most relevant talent and executing in highly dynamic and competitive environments. Any ambitious company which is keen to grow will have to select the most value creating options for itself and ensure effective execution. They will need a supporting strategic eco-system that is well-versed with the organization’s capabilities and market dynamics and allows the company to swiftly navigate through decision making and execution related challenges on an on-going basis.

The philosophy of Auctus Advisors is to evolve as a management consulting and advisory firm which is capable of supporting boards and CXOs address these pressing problems as they navigate through this dynamic, high growth environment. Our philosophy is to be partners to our clients, not just consultants. This implies that we will grow and evolve with our clients, customizing our services to their particular contexts, and share the growth pains.

Fundamentally, we intend to build Auctus Advisors as an entrepreneurial firm whose growth is intrinsically linked to the growth of its clients and of the nation. Naturally, what we do today is aligned to these challenges faced by our clients and we are committed to evolving our service portfolio over time to remain relevant to our clients.